Shit Hit the Fan in Afghanistan

Lack of political will and leadership kept the Taliban in play. Now there has been a huge coordinated attack against the coalition troops still on the ground.

So will Obama buckle and finally cut and run? This is what the Taliban hopes the US will do.

2 comments on “Shit Hit the Fan in Afghanistan
  1. Pat, do you think it’s possible to win in Afghanistan? The Soviets found out the hard way that you cannot fight a traditional war using traditional tactics, against a non-traditional enemy. 10 years in, and we’re still no closer to eradicating the Taliban than we were when we started. And certainly Obama has no stomach for an all-out offensive, but even if he did, what’s next? I hate to admit that maybe cutting and running is the best option, given the cost and our inability, or unwillingness, to kill the enemy.

  2. Ed, you can defeat an illiterate zealot army. You just have to attack their weakness- Their religion. The war should have always been against Islam and its wild-eyed fanatics. How hard is it to bomb every mosque and kill a bunch of clerics? Confiscate every koran and burn them all.

    Without the will to make Islam in Afghanistan the enemy and showing a willingness to negotiate with the Taliban as Obama has, shows we dont have the political will to do what is necessary.

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