TSA Agents Will Steal Your iPads

Meet Clayton Dovel. He was a TSA agent that was screening checked luggage. When he found iPads in them, he stole them. Looks like he didn’t get a chance to reset one of them to factory default before the onboard tracking program led police to his home.

From the DailyMail here:

A baggage handler has been charged with theft by a public servant after he stole tablet computers from the luggage he was tasked with checking for security threats.

Clayton Keith Dovel, 36, of Bedford, Texas, was busted in February after he was found to have eight iPads believed to have been stolen from passengers.

Dovel worked in a ‘resolution room’ at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, where checked bags are examined before they’re placed on a flight. He was suspended from his position as a TSA agent.

Police were led right to Dovel’s home in Bedford by one of the theft victims, who was able to track his stolen device.

The TSA has still yet to catch a terrorist. But they steal iPads.

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