Reason Teases DC Metro Over Busted Escalators

As previously noted, the DC Metro employees are 97% black, union operated, and nothing seems to work correctly. Metro used to hire outside contractors to keep the escalators running but thought they could do it themselves cheaper and better. Shows what they know.

From Breitbart here:

Metro, the sprawling 106-mile rapid transit system that serves 3.4 million D.C.-area residents, is notorious for a lot of things, but nothing so much as the squeaky disrepair of its 588 escalators. On any given day, about one out of eight moving stairs are out of service. Yet Metro’s escalator and elevator maintenance division has a $22.5 million operating budget and 214 staffers, which works out to about one employee for every four escalators and elevators systemwide. In 1992, Metro got rid of the private contractors that repaired and maintained the system and started hiring and training its own escalator mechanics. The rationale was that government employees would do a better job for less money.

I’m so happy I don’t have to use the Metro for a commute.

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