Stupid Woman Lulzed to Death on Internets

Meet Claudia Boerner. She’s dead now thanks to the awesome power of Al Gore’s internets. Besides her massive D cups, there wasn’t much to this woman other than a psychiatric disorder that led to her apparent suicide- but the DailyMail is blaming it on “Internet Trolls.”

From DailyMail here:

A model who appeared on a TV cooking show killed herself after being taunted by internet trolls. Claudia Boerner was found dead after taking part in The Perfect Dinner, which is similar to Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me.

Although it is unclear how the 32-year-old died, it is understood she suffered a barrage of abuse on email and social media following her appearance on the show. Critics accused her of being an attention seeker, claimed that she had showed off for the cameras and made nasty comments about her ‘fake boobs’ and appearance.

Neighbours reported a strong smell of gas in the hall outside the flat where Miss Boerner lived in Vellmar, Germany. Vox, the station that made the show – said: ‘We don’t know if internet mobbing played a definite role in this case. We send our sympathy to the friends and family of the candidate.’

So the DailyMail “understood” there were some emails. And no one knows how she died. The show says they don’t know if the internet had anything to do with it. So the DailyMail concludes: ZOMG INTERTUBE TROLLS DID IT!!11

The woman obviously had severe self image problems and had likely suffered sexual abuse in her past since she sexualized her own appearance. And these sex addict types also tend to have substance abuse problems. And the rate of death among addicts is high. It wasn’t internet trolls.


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