TSA Agents Are Retards: Swabbing Handicapped Child’s Hands for PipeBomb Residue

Those Blue-shirted jackboots for the TSA, who have still never prevented a single terrorist plot, detain a family so they can swab a three real old cripple boy’s hands for explosives residue. Apparently these goons are too stupid to understand that tiny crippled children aren’t even potty trained, much less trained at assembling pipe bombs.

How much longer are we going to pay grown people a good salary to harass travelers? The TSA is a massive budget drain and they have never, and never will, accomplish anything.

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3 comments on “TSA Agents Are Retards: Swabbing Handicapped Child’s Hands for PipeBomb Residue
  1. Actually, if you were to smuggle weapons or any illegal stuff, a handicapped kid would be perfect, just for the reason that people think like you do. “Whatahell could a handicapped kid possible do?”.

    They do have parents you know. Yes, even handicapped kids, it’s true.

    Plus, a wheelchair is a perfect place to hide things that would otherwise go off when they do the scan-thing or whatever. “Noooo, it’s not a bomb, it’s just the wheelchair”

    Maybe you’re just really naive, or you’re someone who believes all bad comes in the form of arabs and people with turbans.

    Grow up.

  2. Its really hard to take this type of criticism from someone in Sweden who does not travel regularly in the US. White people aren’t blowing up planes, Frida. You cannot simply remove all common sense and good judgement when it comes to applying security screening and hope to be effective.

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