Global Warming Makes You Fat

Junk Science is piling atop of junk science. A bunch of Danes are now suggesting that the reason why people get fat as they get older over the past few decades is because of the increase in Carbon Dioxide. But lets not forget that the CO2 levels were wildly exaggerated in order to support the false myth that the oceans were going to boil over and flood the world.

Whole Lotta CO2 in this here cake!

From ScienceNordic here:

Danish researchers have announced a theory that may not only explain why people all over the world are getting fatter and fatter, but also warn of the serious consequences for life on Earth of continued pollution of the atmosphere by CO2 emissions.

In itself, the theory is quite simple: CO2 contributes to making us fat.

The theory arose several years ago, when Lars-Georg Hersoug studied the development of obesity among people who had been followed over a number of years, Hersoug was surprised to see that both fat and thin people taking part in the studies over a 22-year period had put on weight – and the increase was proportionately the same.

Orexins – which are neuropeptide hormones – in the brain stimulate wakefulness and energy expenditure. These hormones may be affected by CO2, and this can cause us to go to bed later, affecting our metabolism so it is easier for us to put on weight. But orexins are also involved in the stimulation of food intake.

This is nuttier than CO2 causing glaciers to melt and killing polar bears. Now we have a new voodoo brain chemical affected by CO2 in the air? Bullshit. People put on weight as they age and become less active. The science is only hard when you have to make stuff up to support a whacky theory.

So why would they want to invent a new stupid theory involving CO2? If liberals can’t get us to switch to clean energy and give up driving and electricity, maybe they can control us by forcing us all onto a special diet.


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