Ugly Women Vow to Withhold Sex; World Thankful

A group of unattractive women called “Liberal Ladies Who Lunch” is threatening to go on a sex strike or something over free contraceptives. More than half of this group looks like they are already going through the change, and the others look completely unbangable, so its doubtful they have much sex at the moment anyways.

From the Blaze here via Twitchy:

The group describes their motivations on the event’s Facebook page, saying, “In truth, if we lose our hard won rights to medical care, birth control and pregnancy choice, it won’t only affect women. Men will have to go back to the days when they waited for or paid for sex. This issue impacts all of us. This strike is designed to make that point. Ask your man to speak up for your rights, because when we lose our reproductive choices, so do they.”

Is it misogynistic to call this group a bunch of weather-beaten old cows? Moo.

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