The Nation’s Robert Dreyfuss Suggests Blacks and Gays Deserved to Die from Slavery and AIDS

In a stunning opinion piece in the Nation, Robert Dreyfuss said that AIDS was a result of karma and colonialism. No one would have gotten AIDS if the evil white man had just stayed the hell out of Africa.

This is the original monkey that caused the AIDS virus

Just so I don’t misquote, here is what Dreyfuss wrote:

Maybe it’s too much to say that imperialism caused AIDS. But at the very least, it’s karma—payback, if you will, for mass slaughter, slavery and vicious exploitation in central Africa more than a century ago.

That’s the point of a stunning excerpt of a new book in the Washington Post today. Its point is that the penetration of Africa by Belgians, Germans and other colonialists in the late nineteenth century not only brought syphilis to Africa, a disease that killed countless Africans, but unleashed the AIDS virus, too.

It must be tough to be a liberal and have all that guilt that comes with being white. But lets examine the premise of Dreyfuss’ argument. He said that AIDS was karmic payback. Karma is a stupid philosophy espoused by believers in eastern religion, which is very popular with liberals simply because it isn’t christianity. But Karma basically means that evil things happen to people as a cosmic revenge for sin. But as discussed many times on this blog, karma is a two-way street.

Yes, AIDS likely came from Africa carried in the asshole of some gay man. Dreyfuss says so himself in his article. But was it karmic payback? If karmic payback is in play, then how horrible were all of those black people in Africa to have cosmic justice wipe them out with rampant syphilis? How much pagan worship and cannibalism did those black Africans have to commit for them to be enslaved in mass as part of cosmic justice? You see, if AIDS is karmic payback to the white man, then slavery and syphilis was karmic payback to the black man, right?

Furthermore, if AIDS is karmic payback, and it only killed majority homosexual men, what did they do to reap this cosmic justice? I mean besides the obvious buggery?

Liberals love to decry colonialism, blame whites, and say that bad things happen because of karma. This just proves how stupid, racist and bigoted those notions are.

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