PCRM Still Bitchy Due to Protein Deficiency

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a group of radical leftists that have falsified their medical credentials in order to push their idiotic vegan dietary plans on the rest of America. Even after one of their vegan junk scientists rotted from the inside out of cancer, they continue to say that veganism is healthier. Their latest target of radical nannyism is the Des Moines, Iowa, fifth annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, billed as America’s “premier” bacon celebration.

Bacon and Eggs

From the WSJ here:

The event, which sold out all 4,000 tickets in 25 minutes, offers something to make every swine lover swoon: unlimited bacon samples, a bacon-eating contest, educational lectures, a bacon-themed songwriting contest and crowning of a new bacon queen. Organizers plan to serve up about three tons of the fatty strips.

They’re also prepared for a bit of oinking from outsiders.

A group of vegetarian doctors has been skewering Iowans over the event for months. Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, says he wants to publicize the flip side of bacon.

He says the PCRM plans to hand out fliers with warnings about how bacon “rotting in your mouth” potentially has various health risks, including cancer and diabetes.

Like all liberals, the PCRM wants to control other people, including the food that goes into your mouth. There are politically correct diets, and none of them contain bacon and all of them contain soybeans.

Anyone can claim to be a doctor. I could pretend to be one and I would say that veganism leads to nonstop failure, bitchiness and supreme gayness.

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