Liberal Convert Talks About Helping Domestic Terrorist

Brandon Darby is a former FBI informant who was once involved in a Domestic terrorist’s scheme to funnel money to suicide bombers in Israel. His conscience got the better of him and he was pivotal in the FBI raiding a crappy teacher’s fake charity. The teacher, Riad Hamad, later suicided himself in a nearby lake to the great relief of all.

Brandon’s story of bravery is detailed in a great post over at BigGovernment here. Be sure to read it all. One highlight:

I helped a group named the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund raise money and find individuals to travel to the Palestinian territories to be human shields against the “evil” Israeli Defense Forces. The group’s then-leader, Riad Hamad, even slated me to go there on multiple occasions. Thankfully, I never went.

At one point, Hamad had approached me and shared that he had been able to skim off money that he intended sneak to Palestinian comrades in Israel. I asked him why he needed to sneak anything when he was able to send funds legally. He responded with a detailed analysis of all the ways suicide bombers could get through checkpoints and achieve their goals. I declined and he told me that I had fallen back into my white privilege, but would come back to the revolution soon.

Hamad responded by saying it would be good for white people to get caught in the war on terror and that people would limit what the government could do if the war on terror had whites in Guantanamo instead of just Arabs.

I ended up meeting with the FBI. They were kind and gracious. Hamad and the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund were raided. I heard from Hamad one last time. He called me and said it was “just a matter of time.” I asked what he meant. He told me of the raids and said they had taken all of his documents, and that I would know soon. He said he had to go and he did.

His body was found in Austin, TX in Lady Bird Lake a few days later. He apparently chose not to face the consequences of his actions.

Supposedly this crappy teacher’s body was found with duct tape wrapped around his hands and feet and the mosque where he practiced his hatred for jews was appalled that his Muslim body was cut apart during a standard autopsy. Loads of whackjobs out there try to say that this domestic terrorist was assassinated by the feds, but the autopsy concluded that Hamad had bound his own hands and feet to make himself look like a martyr, and to leftists and antisemites, he is.


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