Cracker Barrel Worried About an All-White Image?

I like Cracker Barrel. The food isn’t always the best, but if you travel often on the road, you can always count on consistent, home-cooking style of food, and the place is a great restaurant to bring a large family. Our family sometimes goes out of our way to eat at a Cracker Barrel, and the nearest one to us is in Manassas. We even have a Cracker Barrel Christmas Tree Ornament, and we get stocking stuffers, candy, and other goodies from the Country Store. Hell, if I had room for a good rocking chair, I’d get one from them. But I think the food chain worries that they don’t seem to appeal so much to minorities. I tweeted this morning:

The sign I spoke of is this one below:

You know, some stores have had quite a few problems with the way they handle minorities- Denny’s for instance, who have paid class action lawsuits because they treated blacks disrespectfully. Now blacks throw chairs at their restaurants, so I guess they fixed whatever problem they had, but that’s a different story in a post here. But I could see a sign like that at a Denny’s, and in fact, I think they have something similar on their menu in fine print.

So why would Cracker Barrel need a sign like this? Perhaps it is because they hang signs of Octoroon women who weren’t allowed to vote?


This is a photo I took in a Williamsburg Cracker Barrel of a popular tobacco label, but an Octoroon is a one-eighth black person. So why couldn’t this woman vote? Because she’s a woman and it is the year 1890, and she’s stuck on a tobacco label, that’s why.

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