America-hating Leftist Harry Burkhart Arrested for LA Arson Spree

There has been some speculation over the past couple of days that the arsonist behind the spree of fires in Hollywood was likely a displaced Occupy Wall Streeter, but no one was sure. Even after police made an arrest of a person of interest, but didn’t release the name, the speculation ranged from OWSer to Jihadist. Now the cops have released the name: Harry Burkhart, probable German citizen, and he was driving a minivan with British Columbia license plates, and was mad because his Mom got deported.

From the LAist here:

authorities revealed the suspect is 24-year-old male named Harry Burkhart. Authorities confirm that the man detained last night, a 24-year-old white male, was questioned and ultimately charged in conjunction with the recent string of 53 arson fires.

The suspect was taken into custody at around 3 a.m. today in Hollywood; he matched the description of the “person of interest” seen in video released by the LAPD Sunday. He was in a vehicle with British Columbia plates, but is speculated to be a German national, upset about his mother’s deportation.

And from LAWeekly here, he said he “Hated America” when he was arrested.

The man who terrorized L.A. for three nights with a series of 53 arson fires turned out to be a 24-year-old from Germany identified as Harry Burkhart, at least according to authorities.

“I hate America” were the words he reportedly uttered after he was pulled out of his car during a traffic stop at Sunset Boulevard near Fairfax Avenue shortly after 3 this morning following another outbreak of fires in nearby West Hollywood.

You know, there have been loads of Canadians who came to LA and Oakland and San Francisco to join in the merry frolicking of the Occupy Wall Street protests, and he was perhaps targeting the property of the 1Percenters. Still too early to say for sure, but I think we can scratch off jihadist at this point. But you can rest assured that if there is a link to OWS, he will be disavowed by their movement. Or they will find some words uttered by Sarah Palin referencing “fire” and try to blame her for the arsonist’s motives.

Oh, and one more guarantee: This kid was a pot smoker.

UPDATE! I did a search for Harry Burkhart and marijuana and I found this open letter to the President begging to decriminalize pot. Same guy?

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  1. Of course leftist haters will sympathize with an arsonist that smokes dope, drives around in his mom’s minivan and hates America. Thanks for being the first “me too.”

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