BelchSpeak’s Best of 2011

Another year winds to a close, and its time for the best of 2011. First up are statistics from visitors to the site and the top posts that draw visits.

Top stories of 2011

Best of the best:
Best weekend! Why we eat turkey.

Mobs and Protests:
2011 is the Year of the Mob, both Online and off. Egypt takes itself offline. Mob Mentality. London aflame. OccupyWallStreet.

I went to Chatanooga. And Pensacola. Hotlanta. Hartford. London. Disney World. Australian Wine Region. Fitzroy Falls National Park in Australia. The Pacific Coast and Wine Region. Palo Alto. Midland, Michigan. Key West and South Florida. Tennessee, ya’ll. Wichita. Jamestown Settlement. And more London. New York and New Jersey. Earthquake in San Francisco.

Justice Files:
Kristen Petersen, Byron Sonne’s ex-wife has charges dropped. Byron Sonne catches new charges. The Duke Lacrosse bitch kills someone. Bin Laden gunned down. James Ray convicted of manslaughter. Rodney King can’t stay sober. Casey Anthony walks free. Byron Sonne trial gets underway. Ray gets a 2-year sentence.

I get threats:
Internet LOLsuit over an Oktoberfest pic. And don’t forget some clown tried to sue me too. Some RIAA/MPAA lawyers in India threaten me with a LOlsuit.

Worst Way to Die:
Hit by a train. Tiger food. Chopped up for magic potions. Getting drunk at the W and plummeting to your death. Alcohol Poisoning and being Amy Winehouse. Falling into a hotdog grinder! Being a cat owned by a stoner hippie. Murdered by a fat vampire. Death by Cantaloupe! iCancer.

Moonbats on Parade:
Jared Lee Loughner gunned down a Congresswoman. John Edwards gets engaged after wife’s burial. Earth Day Hippies in Santa Cruz. Porn Star and her baby. ATTACKWatch!

Really Stupid People:
Congressman Lee and his Craigslist photo shoot. Charlie Sheen. Schwarzenegger Screwed his maid. Anthony Weiner quits after twitter photos to girls. Crazy art attacker!

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