Ashlie Gough Croaked at Occupy Vancouver

Ashlie Gough tatted herself up and pierced her body so much that she was almost unhireable for any job in North America outside of the carnival sideshow. Ashlie Gough hooked up with a scuba-diver boyfriend and began to travel the world, which was pretty lucky for her, and stopped to visit friends in Vancouver who were doing the “urban outdoorsman” schtick in support of Occupy Wallstreet. Somehow, while she was there, she either overdosed on drugs or died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning inside a tent.

Even when she tried to clean herself up, she was repulsive.

After spending a few days at Occupy Vancouver, Ashlie Gough, 23 is now dead. Her Dad is in pieces about it. From the GlobeAndMail here:

Ashlie Gough was happy and healthy the last time she visited her father’s house on Vancouver Island.

She was 23. After high school she had drifted a little – she studied tattoo design and travelled the world with a new boyfriend who was a scuba diver.

“She zig-zagged back and forth a bit and led an interesting life, but she was really starting to grow up,” her father, Tom Gough, said on Monday.

On the weekend she went to visit friends who were camping out as part of the Occupy Vancouver protest and on Saturday she was found inside a tent, unresponsive. The cause of her death isn’t official yet, but it may have been a drug overdose.

During an interview at his Vancouver Island home on Monday, Tom Gough appeared sombre, if not in shock.

Mr. Gough said his daughter was not involved in the Occupy protest against corporate greed.

Ashlie Gough may not have been a true Occupier, but she was clearly sympathetic with their cause- enough to camp with them and share in the drugs. And no, she is not a poster child of the Occupy movement, but she is a casualty- one of many more that will come before this idiotic socialist, neo-communist movement is squelched. And her death will ultimately be meaningless.

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4 comments on “Ashlie Gough Croaked at Occupy Vancouver
  1. Wow some ppl like your self should really take the time to know ppl instead of writing about some one you know nothing about. For 1 minute put your self in our shoes. The death of a sister or anyone in a family is hard enough. And then having to read CRAP like this only makes the pain worst. So maybe in the future you could keep your rude comments to your self and just hope that you never have to deal with the pain that I have to live with for the rest of my life.

  2. And you are so brave to make death threats from Toronto while hiding behind a fake name and email address.
    Also, when you call someone an idiot, it helps to use correct spelling. It’s YOU’RE

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