Vick Keeps Getting Banged Up

First he got a concussion and now he has a severely bruised hand. And the Eagles keep losing, which is always a good thing. When asked for a comment, one of Vick’s former pets had this to say:

And Vick is whining that the refs aren’t treating him like other quarterbacks, allowing him to take late hits without penalizing the defense. LOL

From PhillyBurbs here:

Michael Vick repeatedly blamed the officials for continuing to allow opposing defenders to hit him late.

Vick also repeatedly insisted he doesn’t blame the officials for the broken right hand that happened on what he said was a late hit in the third quarter of Sunday’s 29-16 loss to the Giants at Lincoln Financial Field.

Hope Philly is getting all their millions dollars money worth from Vick’s contract. Couldn’t happen to a nicer city. When I heard that his hand was broken, I tweeted:

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