James Hansen Arrested Again

I just found out that James Hansen, the eco-religionist kook that is employed by NASA and uses his federally funded job to push a green-religion on Americans, was arrested alongside moonbat Daryl Hannah in Washington DC the other day.

From the Sacbee here:

The arrest of actress Daryl Hannah at a protest Tuesday outside the White House led to headlines. But it’s the detainment of NASA’s top scientist on climate change that’s generating talk.

James Hansen was arrested alongside Hannah and several other people at a sit-in to protest the Keystone XL project, a proposed $7-billion, 1,700-mile pipeline that would transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf Coast. Environmentalists fear the project will destroy pristine forests and pave the way for another devastating oil spill, but proponents say it will create jobs and reduce the nation’s reliance on oil from places such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.
Hansen heads NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, which examines such hot-button issues as climate change and humans’ effect on the planet. Before being taken away by authorities, Hansen used a microphone to urge President Obama to act “for the sake of your children and grandchildren” and stop the pipeline project

And its not his first arrest at an Eco-Kook sit-in. He was also busted last year during the “Appalachia Rising” protest. Tony Watts notes that this is Hansen’s 3rd Eco-religionist arrest.

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