DC Drunk Chick Splats Herself from the W

The W hotel is a beautiful hotel just doors down from the White House.  I’ve had the pleasure of imbibing a few cocktails from its scenic rooftop bar where attendants pass out hors d’oeuvres of bacon wrapped shrimp and chicken skewers.  Seems like some woman also liked the cocktails up there perhaps a little too much.  I think she tried to get a photo of herself planking, and did it the hard way.

From the WaPo here:

A woman fell to her death from an upper floor of a hotel across from the White House grounds late Wednesday night.

Witnesses told a police officer that the woman had been drinking at the bar on the rooftop patio of the W hotel, and that she climbed over a fence on the patio. Witnesses told authorities that the woman was then seen hanging by her hands from an overhang one story below the rooftop around 11 p.m. The woman then dropped about 10 stories. She was declared dead at the scene.

The boutique hotel, at 515 15th St. NW, is across from the White House, and the rooftop bar there is a popular attraction.

Women can’t hang on long because they have no upper arm strength. There is a suggestion it was a suicide, but women don’t flame out in public like that. They typically stay at home and swallow a few bottles of sleeping pills. I’m guessing she was trying to be a showoff, which means she died being an attention whore. Maybe she should have just danced on the pole?

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