Crossing the International Date Line: How I’m Skipping My Birthday

I am in San Francisco airport between flights at a cafe watching skinny people struggle to pick between bottles of organic cranapple juice or green tea.

I am also reflecting on the remaining trip I have before me tonight- I’m going to Australia. Today is the 1st, and I am soon to be airborne. The 2nd is supposed to be my birthday, just like every year, but this year I have decided to skip it since the date of April 2nd will cease to be.

I will cross the International Date line overnight and will land in Sydney on the 3rd, obliterating my birthday from the calendar. I think I’m down with that.

I am also planning to drive once I get there. Since Australians are stubborn and choose to drive on the wrong side of the road, I jumped at the chance to include third party insurance when I booked my car.

I’ll post pics of my adventures down under.


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