House Defunds Obama’s Czars

Republicans are going to add to the huge unemployment numbers by firing the czars who work for Obama. I guess Obama will have to make do with constitutionally appointed cabinet members now.

From the Politico here:

The House voted Thursday to dethrone nine White House “czars.”

Republicans successfully added an amendment to the continuing resolution that would leave President Barack Obama’s senior advisers on policy issues including health care, energy and others out of a job. The vote was 249-179.

The jobs on the chopping block: White House-appointed advisers on health care, energy and climate, green jobs, urban affairs, the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center, oversight of TARP executive compensation, diversity at the Federal Communications Commission and the auto industry manufacturing policy.

I love seeing the government do what people elected them to do.

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One comment on “House Defunds Obama’s Czars
  1. “I love seeing the government do what people elected them to do.”

    No you don’t. Where are the jobs? You just want them to stop Obama from fixing the country the right screwed up and lied about.

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