Step One: Repeal DADT. Step Two: Fire Everyone Who Ever Said “Fag”

The Captain of the USS Enterprise made several videos poking fun at gays, lesbians and shipboard jerking off sessions. Now some pissed off gays, emboldened by the repeal of DADT want him fired, because getting rid of the best of the military leadership is the next step to an all gay military and a defenseless country.

From the VaPilot here:

In one scene, two female Navy sailors stand in a shower stall aboard the aircraft carrier, pretending to wash each other. They joke about how they should get six minutes under the water instead of the mandated three.

In other skits, sailors parade in drag, use anti-gay slurs, and simulate masturbation and a rectal exam. Another scene implies that an officer is having sex in his stateroom with a donkey.

They’re all part of a series of short movies produced aboard the Norfolk-based aircraft carrier Enterprise in 2006 and 2007 and broadcast to its nearly 6,000 sailors and Marines. The man who masterminded and starred in them is Capt. Owen Honors – now the commander of the carrier, which is weeks away from deploying.

The videos, obtained by The Virginian-Pilot this week, were shot and edited with government equipment, many of them while the Enterprise was deployed supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At the time, Honors was the carrier’s executive officer, or XO, the commanding officer’s deputy. He took command of the ship in May.

In the videos, Honors indicates that he’s trying to entertain the crew. They were shown roughly once a week on closed-circuit shipwide television, according to a handful of sailors who were assigned to the Enterprise at the time. The sailors requested anonymity for fear of retribution.

One of them said he mailed a complaint about the videos to the Navy Inspector General this week. Others said crew members who raised concerns aboard the ship in 2006 and 2007 were brushed off.

It’s unclear why the videos recently resurfaced, although one sailor who spoke to the newspaper said they remain on at least one shipboard computer.

Over the next few years anyone who has ever called anyone a fag while wearing the uniform is going to be fired. And guys who give other guys oral sex in bathrooms at rest stops are going to applaud this.

7 comments on “Step One: Repeal DADT. Step Two: Fire Everyone Who Ever Said “Fag”
  1. I can’t believe it. This man puts his butt on the line for many years to protect our country and a bunch of whiny closet-cases get upset because he has a sense of humor. They want to fire him? They should give him a medal for improving morale. He’s (at that time) second in command on that ship and making HIMSELF the butt of almost every joke. He has to command extreme respect to allow himself to be made fun of, even in a forum like a shipwide video. If the liberals have their way with us our navy will consist of three men in a leaky bathtub…

  2. Brewvet, welcome to the blog!
    MilTrucker, there is no tolerance for political incorrectness. No room for judging the behavior of others and acts of lurid deviant sexual behavior should be on the same moral level of a loving marriage.

  3. The videos were made pre dadt repeal. Did anyone ever wonder that the Navy had other reasons for wanting someone unprofessional as this from being an XO? They were probably just lookin for an excuse and here it was

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