Now Cupcakes are Racist Too

Duncan Hines made a commercial that has enraged leftists at MotherJones because they feature chocolate glazed cupcakes that begin to beatbox and autotune. They say its too reminiscent of Black Face.

I thnk its racist that the vanilla cupcake sucks at music unless he is made to be chocolate. If they really wanted it to be racist it would show the chocolate cupcakes stealing their sounds from their vanilla cupcake counterparts and then running samples on it and passing it off as their own. And if the vanilla cupcake, prior to being converted to chocolate, was attacked and robbed by a chocolate cupcake, then yeah, it would be racist. But since none of that happened, how is this anything but a bad commercial? And chocolate glaze from a pancake syrup bottle is supposed to be superior to the frosting in a can? I don’t think so.

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