Justin Perras, Former Lexis Nexis Hacker Fingered for Cryptome Hack

Last time I wrote about Justin Perras, he was going to jail for breaking into the Lexis Nexis database using stolen law enforcement credentials. Recently the Cryptome website was hacked and Justin’s name came up as a possible culprit in the attack. Looks like he might have to go buy more soap on a rope.

From Cryptome here:

Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2010 13:15:31 -0400
Subject: you’re going down, sir.
From: justin perras
To: jya[at]pipeline.com

You need to stop blaming me for your ineptitude. I understand your
hurt over what happened with your website and that you feel violated.
I continue to read your files and I can not help but laugh as you take
the shotgun approach to ‘backtracing’ what happened over at earthlink.
Trust me: I do not care about your stupid ‘ass burning’ campaign. I am
not guilty so I have nothing to worry about. I will not ‘roll over’ on
anyone — because I don’t have to. Do you understand? Your allegations
are producing conflict and creating strife for me. I have nothing to
hide from you or investigators. I do not care about your mindless
witch hunt having any legal consequences for me whatsoever. The fact
that you’re associating me with people who may or may not have raped
you without lube just demonstrates your ignorance. You’re annoying:
like a mosquito, and I hope that whoever compromised your emails and
LAN takes that information and becomes an annoying parasite just so
you can understand how aggravating this entire thing is.

You’re acting like an angry child which has consequences of it own.
Your behavior is causing you to lose support. Do you understand this?
Your vendetta against innocent people is acting as a detriment. I
wouldn’t imagine you care. Based on the materials on the site and the
communications you post it seems like you’re going to pursue whatever
crazy agenda (earthlink owned by scientoligists.. are you fucking
serious? ) you’ve cooked up in that delusional head of yours.

I am filing suit, John. Since I haven’t been proven guilty and will
never be proven guilty (should things go that far based off your
campaign of lies and misinformation — idc i am not responsible for
what happened to you, so do whatever you must do, fatso. I am not
scared of the fbi / secret service. They are of no consequence here
because there is no threat — they are just aggravating. The more
things you do which aggravate the quality of my life, the better my
case against you will be.) I have no qualms with making a spectacle
out of your fiasco. Maybe you can buy me a new Barbie Mobile. I’ve
always wanted one of those. I am not afraid of you, law enforcement,
or ‘snitches’ since I *really* have done nothing. My lawyer will be
calling you later. Make sure you answer the telephone that way you can
write the synopsis and perhaps change your tone about a C&D being
‘forged’. Careful with how you word things from now on. ‘…forged’ is
accusatory. Might want to change that, or not. Like I said: the
stupider you get, the better my case against you looks. (*twirls
around marvelously*). Any media that contacts me re: your drama will
be considered an attempt on your behalf to aggravate me. I make sure
to tell them about how your violated fat ass is foolishly pointing
fingers here, there, everywhere because you do not know and rely
information from unverified sources with their own agenda. I have many
enemies and have done some pretty fucked up shit in the past. I’m used
to morons trying to continuously take me down, but they are usually
young and retarded. You take the cake for being the most ignorant
since you should be old enough to know better.

Funny that Justin would threaten a lawsuit. And if he didn’t do it, why bother writing in and denying it? Seems to me he’s protesting too much. And his stint in jail did nothing to deter him from committing other cyber crimes, nor did it squelch his own sense of inflated self-importance.

As I write this, Justin’s domain of poisonapple.net has been defaced saying:
You kids shouldn’t play on computers when you don’t know what you’re doing. -0wn3d.

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3 comments on “Justin Perras, Former Lexis Nexis Hacker Fingered for Cryptome Hack
  1. Fuck Null and Virus and everyone else in Team Kryogeniks. Bunch of useless script kiddies who are always trying too hard to get fame and recognition. They’re also a bunch of snitches and a bunch of cock sucking fags.

    Dox Drop! http://shorttext.com/dwmx13wdxi8

    Also check out cryptome.org for more info on these cockguzzlers

  2. You know what, i have a problem with a grown man going after a bunch of teenage boys that are a little more enthusiastic than him, and probably a little bit smarter, but maybe not , they got charged.

    Why do you insist on airing Perras articles, why not get another subject, like Hecker, Madoff, or Kenneth Lay??

    (also, my kid does not snitch, or he would have a govt job)

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