Centralia Coal Fire Cover-up for Massive Zombie Outbreak

My brother and I were discussing the Centralia Coal Fire that has been burning since the 60’s when someone supposedly allowed a dump fire to ignite an open coal seam. But the video below shows some telling evidence of a possible Government Cover-up of a Class 2 Zombie Outbreak.

About a minute into this clip you will see how the bars around the local cemetery had been broken and bent outwards. Where there was once a town of 20,000 people, only a handful of survivors remain. All of the property has been purchased by the state.

So what is the smoking from the pipes in the ground? I think the National Guard, who are trained and equipped to deal with Zombie Outbreaks came up with an ingenious plan to deal with the massive zombie hoard- they were lured deep into an open mine by live human bait and then sealed inside and the coal seam was set alight to roast the zombie hoard. Those pipes provide oxygen to keep the fires burning and to allow robotic probe access to occasionally check to see if any zombies remain. Some still do, otherwise, the pipes would be sealed to allow the fire to smother from lack of oxygen.

3 comments on “Centralia Coal Fire Cover-up for Massive Zombie Outbreak
  1. zombies !!!!!!!!!!!!! theres no zombies it is what it is a mine fire caused by a man burning garbage and he is now dead .when all the people are out which willl never be in my lifetime then the goverment will come in and put the fire out and get the coal out which is burning underground …………………

  2. I grew up near Centraila and that is the DUMBEST thing I heard yet about that town, you are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you!!!

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