Byron Sonne Still in Jail- Bail Denied

The Canadians in charge of keeping the community secure have determined that Byron Sonne is too great a risk to the public to allow him to have freedom pending trail for purchasing a DIY shoebomber kit from the Internet. And the courtroom artist painted a sad Byron.

From here:

A Toronto man who is facing explosives and weapons charges as part of a G20 security investigation, has been denied bail.

Byron Sonne was arrested June 22 and is accused of possessing dangerous weapons and explosives for an unlawful purpose, among other charges.

Friends and family have rallied around the Internet security expert, with one friend saying the charges against Sonne are a huge misunderstanding.

At first I thought they were trying to say it was all a joke. I somehow don’t think that Byron Sonne and his friends are telling that joke right. Or maybe the judge just doesn’t get the punchline.

Anyways, the real security experts in Canada are keeping the country safe by keeping this sad clown behind bars. Oh and his CISSP is still suspended.

UPDATE! To show my support for Canadian Law, I have created this banner. You may use it freely, and it will accompany all of my future updates.

11 comments on “Byron Sonne Still in Jail- Bail Denied
  1. Also in the news today – you’re still a complete waste of skin.

    Since you don’t know thing one about what you’re talking about, how about shutting the heck up.


  2. Let’s try that tactic in the Courts.
    “Yer Honor, i move to dismiss this case on the grounds that Mr. Sonne’s detractors are dookie heads who don’t know thing one about what they are talking about.”
    And then the baliff would smack the barrister with a stick and everyone would get cookies, the end, huzzah!

  3. Mycurial… you don’t get laid much do you.

    How about pouring yourself a big steaming cup of STFU. Sonne’s a douche and got himself into trouble… plain and simple. What’s more to know oh wonderful sage? How about enlightening us?

  4. Myrcurial,
    I’m going to start a “Keep Byron Jailed” campaign. Oops, no need, the Canadian courts beat me to it. LOL

  5. I totally agree. You ARE a complete waste of skin. It’s a Pity that one of the freedoms afforded to us in a first world country is the freedom to post d-bag things like the article here. It is quite obvious you have a personal bias against this gentleman or are the most brainless p.o.s. sheep with a keyboard. Thank goodness those who know you are aware of how ridiculously brainless you are – how could they not?

  6. Canadians are the only westerners that actively campaign to have their free speech restricted. I would of course expect a Canadian like you to “pity” western society for my free speech.

    How’s that Free Byron movement going? Not so well huh? If you were really serious about freeing Byron you and your idiotic loudmouth friends would stage a jailbreak. But you won’t because deep down you know he belongs in jail. And he will be convicted and I will still be enjoying all of my freedoms, including the one to speak and write freely.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with free speech, just morons like you who guise personal vendettas with political happenings. To be honest, I have no idea what the Free Byron movement even entails. I just know for a fact that smallminded pissant cyberd-bags such as yourself are never smart enough to hide their actual motives. Thank goodness you have the Internet to spew your worthless drivel when you have no friends that care to take you seriously-which seems quite obviously to be the case. You sir, shame the concept of free speech. Enjoy your small, pitiful voice. I’m done with you.

  8. Just as a public service here, I’d like to point out that you are corrupting the intellectual property owned by other people and that you have appropriated and published without permission the intellectual property of other people which you have not apparently licenced under the Copyright Act of Canada.

    This is punishable by a fine of $500 in the first instance and up to $25,000 for repeat offenses.

    You will of course have to pay the owners of the copyright for any use up until now and any future use in addition to the fine.

    It would be ironic if any of your money went to Byron’s legal defence fund, wouldn’t it.

    Deliciously so.

    Since the U.S. is one of the biggest promoters of Copyright protection we’d have to assume the provisions of the Copyright Act more than enforceable on your side of the border.

    This has been a public service message.

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