I Take Back my Smack Down of Carolina Wines

One of the more pleasant surprises on this week’s poker run was the visit to a winery up the street from Freebourne’s called Thistle Meadow Winery. Unlike Virginia Wineries, who usually grown their own grapes and offer five or so varieties, Thistle Meadow had dozens of different wines to choose from.

They offer four menus for tasting and instead of sorted by color, they sort their wines by dry whites, sweet whites, dry reds, sweet reds and finally, sweet/sours. It was a bit confusing at first, but it allowed for our large group to taste many different wines that were geared toward our own individual preferences.

Thistle Meadow doesn’t grow their own grapes either, but they buy their grapes from around the world and make small outstanding batches of wine to produce some interesting and award winning blends. You can check out their website here and if you happen to go down the Blue Ridge, be sure to stop in.

We had quite a bit of their wine Saturday evening during the annual barbecue, and I definitely needed one of these wine glasses, as did a few of my dear friends.

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