What’s Funnier Than Execution By Firing Squad?

Rodney Lee Gardner, some douchebag killer on Utah’s death row was executed by a firing squad. I think that’s awesome. Know what is more hilarious than that? His family played “Freebird” as the gunfire rained down.

From the SLTrib here:

Ronnie Lee Gardner’s quarter-century on death row ended at 12:20 today when a firing squad executed one of Utah’s most notorious killers. His death signaled the end of a gut-wrenching saga for the families of the Utah men Gardner murdered or wounded and those who had hoped to spare the killer’s life.

Barb Webb, daughter of Gardner victim Nick Kirk, sobbed when news of the execution came.

“I’m so relieved it’s all over,” she said, hugging her daughter, Mandi Hull. “I just hope my sister, who just passed away, and my father, and all of the other victims are waiting for his sorry ass. I hope they get to go down after him.”

Just after midnight, Gardner’s family members leaned against each other in a tight cluster and sobbed. They played Lynyrd’s Skynyrd’s “Free Bird,” singing along.

“I’m just glad it’s over. I’m glad he’s free,” said Randy Gardner after his brother’s death.

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3 comments on “What’s Funnier Than Execution By Firing Squad?
  1. I’ve heard of the last meal, but now you get theme music at your execution? What’s next dancers, smoke machines, and laser beams?

  2. “And this bird you cannot change
    Lord knows I can’t change”

    I reckon four rounds through the chest changed you, mister.
    Last year the USA executed 52 people. There were 8000 convictions for various kinds of homicide and only52 executions. We don’t have a death penalty, just the occassional human sacrifice.

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