LOL: Republicans Think Obama is the AntiChrist

I’ve heard about a poll stating that 14% of Americans think Barack Hussein Obama may be the antichrist foretold in the Book of the Revelation to John. But of course that is preposterous!

The Antichrist wouldn’t be half black!  Besides, its obvious to any casual observer that the Antichrist is Morgan Freeman and his unholy moles.


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3 comments on “LOL: Republicans Think Obama is the AntiChrist
  1. I believe the Messiah is the anti christ. Go to or multitudes of other sites, and you will come to believe.

    If anything , he is the anti-American. He wants to redistribute the wealth…so i can work my ass off to pay for others. Good luck dems in 2010.You ARE going down.

  2. The tin foil is strong with that one.

    Anyway I used to think the Antichrist was Dave Matthews. Now I think it’s that guy from Coldplay.

  3. Anti-Christ? Nah…he’s just a dumbass Commie intent on the destruction of America…that’s all.

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