The Whole World Will Know How Fat You Are

Now with the new wifi-enabled scale that interacts with your iPhone and Google Health, the whole world will know how fat you are and where to mail your donuts and pizza.

From the Reg here:

Not content with knowing where you go, both in real and cyber space, Google will soon know how much you weigh too – thanks to wi-fi-connected scales.

The scale in question come from Withings, and it was launched last year with connections to various fitness websites and an iPhone application. But now Withings has managed to integrate its monitoring software into Google Health, allowing users to share their current weight with the chocolate factory without leaving the comfort of their own bathroom.

Imagine receiving targeted advertising fliers in your mail based on your body mass index? Coupons for free donuts and barbecue sauce? Bring it. Coupons for yoga classes or yogurt because you’re a skinny minnie? Well, if that’s what you’re into. Not sure why anyone would be interested in this, but it exists.


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