What’s Crazier Than Obama Winning the Peace Prize?

How about the National Enquirer winning the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism??! They busted the story of John Edwards, Presidential Candidate fathering a love child with a staffer while his wife’s tits rotted off from cancer. Even if the rest of the media empires like WashingtonPost or New York Times knew about it, they wouldn’t dare out a liberal democrat. A grocery store checkout rag does the reporting other journalists won’t.

From WaPo here:

The executive editor of the National Enquirer says he plans to enter his paper’s work on the John Edwards scandal for a Pulitzer Prize.

Don’t laugh.

“It’s clear we should be a contender for this,” Barry Levine said by phone Thursday, hours after the former presidential candidate admitted what the paper had been reporting all along: that he is the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby. “The National Enquirer, a supermarket tabloid, was able to publish this reporting.”

While the staff never doubted its reports that Edwards had fathered a baby daughter with his former campaign videographer, Levine said, “there is vindication, finally. Mr. Edwards kept the story alive much longer than it needed to be kept alive with his denials. He has only himself to blame.”

While the Enquirer stories may or may not be prize-winning material — the paper’s most significant disclosures came in 2007 and 2008, and this year’s Pulitzers will honor material published in 2009 — there is no question that the tabloid scooped the rest of the media world.

When I was a kid, I remember the Enquirer reporting on UFO’s and Bigfoot. Nice to see that they are reporting real stories.

Hasn’t Haiti suffered enough! What with all the zombies and all? John Edwards is there to help out somehow because filthy-rich white lawyers who are lousy fathers and worse husbands is just what a poverty-stricken island of destruction needs.

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  1. So is John there to tell the folk he’s gonna buy them a house, or give them a college scholarship.

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