Reason 136 to HomeSchool: Homely Girls Basketball Coach Wont Give Your Son Top Shelf Tequila

Well… she was using top shelf tequila, but the least she could do was put on a little lipstick and drop 30 pounds!

Meet Amber Huber. Her soon-to-be-divorced ass is serving 30 days in the Colorado poke for taking students to the “Horsetooth Reservoir” to “chill” and drink some Patron Tequila, before taking them to a McDonalds for fries and a happy meal and making them drive home under the influence.

From the Coloradoan here:

Amber Huber, 30, of Loveland, Colorade, a former teacher and girls basketball coach at Poudre High School is serving a 30-day jail sentence after admitting that she gave tequila to two male students last spring while they were all “chillin’ ” in her car at Horsetooth Reservoir.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Coloradoan, Huber admitted she gave Patron tequila to two 17-year-old male students in April. The affidavit indicates Huber drove the boys to Horsetooth Reservoir on a Friday night to drink and then took the boys to a McDonald’s before returning them to their car about 1:30 a.m.

The father of one of the boys said he learned it wasn’t the first time that Huber had given special attention to his son or his friend. He said his son was allowed to drive her Mustang, and sometimes, she took the boy to lunch during school hours. The Coloradoan is withholding the father’s name so as to not identify his son.

The father said he’s convinced Huber was “grooming” the boys. Grooming is a term used to indicate that a sexual predator is working to recruit victims. The father said he’s seen the “sexually explicit” text messages between Huber, his son and his son’s friend – messages that were sent before the boys went to Horsetooth with her.

In a text message Huber sent to one of the boys April 12, 2009, she said: “We can all only be friends, and that is it. It created a tempting situation when we chill, so we probably shouldn’t chill anymore.”

In a second message, she wrote: “Just the fact that I am married and we can’t be putting ourselves in tempting situations. Obviously drinking alcohol and chillin (sic) together is not the smartest decision. I can’t be lying to my husband cause (sic) if I keep doing what I am doing, then my marriage is going to be over. I just need to play it safe. Make sense?”

I don’t know if she quit or if they fired her ass. Usually teachers rape students and get to keep their jobs while on ‘administrative leave’ until they are convicted in court.

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