Calling the Karma Police

When people do spectacularly stupid things that result in their deaths I often point, laugh, and say “See? That’s what happens when you do stupid stuff.” Its a popular feature of this site. But for obvious reasons, family and friends of the deceased get highly agitated and irritated with me for having the gall to call their dead friend/brother/sister/uncle a moron. And I often get a hasty, angry and ironic comment from one of them saying “You better watch it buddy! Karma’s a bitch! Karma’s gonna get you!”

This got me to thinking. First of all, I don’t believe in Karma. Its a buddhist principle that basically says all of the bad stuff that ever happens in your life is the result of your own bad actions and the actions of yourself in a former incarnation. And bad stuff you do now carries over into your next incarnation.

Keep in mind that buddhists are poverty-stricken lazy people who subsist on rice and handouts. So naturally, lots of bad stuff happens to poor lazy people. Saying that such bad stuff is due to something that magically happened in another life is just their way of justifying sitting around all day on their lazy asses. I mean, look at Yoga. Its buddhist exercise, but its not exercise at all, just stretching and breathing, the epitome of lazy. If I sat on the couch all day I would have to stretch too.

Also all of the idiots who threaten to call the Karma Police on me forget that the whole reason they are talking to me is because one of their friends or loved ones did something really bad and earned “instant karma.” Take the Darrell Dunafon post. What did Darrell do to earn his karma by sizzling to death in electrical wires? Just how awful was he in his previous life? And the case of Erin Marcove, who smoked dope her entire life and poisoned her own grandchild with medical marijuana before killing herself? What did she do in a prior life to be such a scumbag in this one? And will she be a dung beetle in her next life for trying to poison her grandkid?

Calling the karma police in an argument is about as bad as telling someone they are not allowed to talk about someone because “you didn’t know him.”

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  1. I am glad to know that you finally made use of a dictionary. You still are not right to talk about people that you don’t know. It certainly shouldn’t have taken you over two weeks to come up with a response to my last post. This again shows how torpid you are. You were actually the first to say anything about karma in the Darrell Dunafon post. Check it out for yourself. And I stand by the fact that if this had been your precious son and someone had gone on such a tirade like you did, you would probably be disappointed too. I still pity you for your ignorance.

    Pat said in December 9th, 2009 at 4:52 pm Hey Az51, let’s clear up a few of your mistakes here-

    First, Darrell didn’t die doing something “questionable.” It was illegal. I’m not sure why you would question the legality of it.

    He also endangered the lives of his friends who were also dumbasses for tagging along and not stopping him. He also endangered the lives of the workers who had to cut his fried, twitchy ass down out of those power lines.

    I knew he served his country. good for him. But he would have lost his security clearance and wound up in jail had he tried this stunt while he was still in the service.

    Karma is a bitch ain’t it? Like the way karma causes people to die when their friends don’t stop him from doing something stupid? Or maybe the way karma causes dumbasses to die who commit crimes on public utility towers?

    I don’t think comments are more objectionable than killing yourself with fire and lightning.

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