Some Democrat Senators are Just Amateurs

As the last holdout for Obama’s massive Healthcare bill, Senator Ben Nelson accepted a bribe in return for his vote- which resulted in hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars rewarded to his home state of Nebraska. That’s a Pro Tip for you other Senators: be a holdout and win big!

Other constituents in other states are not happy because their Senators were early adopters, thus missing out on the gusher of federal tax dollars as bribes. Check out this letter published at Ann Coulter’s site:

Dear Senators Boxer and Feinstein:

Bless you for passing the health care bill. But why do we Californians have to play patsies to the states with cannier representatives? The senators from Louisiana and Nebraska, by simply pretending to hold out a little, got huge payoffs for their constituents. Couldn’t you have gotten in on that? After all, when someone is trying to buy up parcels for a big real estate deal, who gets more money — the first to sell out or the last? It’s the last, of course.

You two have been in the Senate for a good, long time. You shouldn’t need an amateur like me to tell you how to scoop some money out of the tax river as it flows by. Although I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and grant that this sort of naked payola is kind of unprecedented.

Okay, we missed out on this one. Let’s just move on. The Administration is going to put forth plenty of bills before the 2010 elections, so I’m sure there will be opportunities in the future to raid the public purse for a little taste for us.



Hey Virginia’s Senators jumped in early too, the dumb bastards.

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