Gov’t Interference Stifles Wine Innovation in France

A great analysis on how the California Wines closed the gap with French wines in just a couple of decades. Thanks to HotAir for this clip from ReasonTV

HotAir said:

Reason explores the stultifying effect of French government control over winemaking, including the use of government tasters to approve and reject wines for sale and its diktats on crop choices and methods that keep France’s winemakers straitjacketed. In America, and increasingly around the world, winemakers have the opportunity to take risks, change crops, try new methods, and let the consumer choose what works best.

4 comments on “Gov’t Interference Stifles Wine Innovation in France
  1. It leaves me wondering where VA stacks up in the list; generally speaking, I’ve gotten to the point where I prefer them, but that may be the boy from Virginia effect… We have some awesome wines here IMHO.

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