Darrell Dunafon And His Shocking Thrill-Seeking

Darrell Dunafon was a dumbass. He was an adrenaline junkie always looking for the next big thrill. What could be more thrilling than illegally breaking onto private property in the middle of the night to scale a 400 foot cellphone tower? Maybe jumping off?

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Probably not as thrilling as getting your chute tangled in those high-tension high-voltage powerlines. Shocker, he’s dead.

From Suntimes here:

A Tucson man has died after parachuting from a cell phone tower at night and hitting high-voltage power lines.

Pinal County sheriff’s Lt. Tamatha Villar says 23-year-old Darrell Dunafon and two friends broke into a cell tower site about 30 miles south of Phoenix on Friday night and were parachuting off the approximately 400-foot-tall antennae.

Dunafon’s parachute became tangled in nearby 12,000-volt power lines and he was shocked with a live wire.

Villar says the two friends called for help, and rescue crews turned off the power and cut Dunafon down.

I wonder if the workers who cut this dumbass down got paid overtime for being woken in the middle of the night?

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64 comments on “Darrell Dunafon And His Shocking Thrill-Seeking
  1. Pat,
    First of all, you should adress me by my screenname and not my e-mail address. I guess that you know I am really his relative now. Again, I pity your ignorance. You seem to think that this is adventure in your life. You seem to be a person that likes to talk about the bible, but gossip behind others backs. That doesn’t make you a good person. You can make reference to the bible all you want, but the only person to judge us is GOD. Remeber that before you continue to judge others for acts that you may not believe are smart. Buddy was a vet. A disabled vet at that. I hope that you realize what he gave for you to have the opportunities that you have. May God bless you…

    JPRMQN, apparently his name is Pat Belcher. Here is his information:
    P.O. Box 459
    blah blah
    Phone: 570-708-8780

  2. Adunafon, you should read my legal notice:

    Hilarious you ask for privacy while disclosing mine.

    So Darrell was a “disabled” vet? Are you implying he was pushed from the cellphone tower? Was he blind and didn’t know there were powerlines? Or do you think I should feel proud that a disabled jackass could climb that high?

  3. You truly are a prick. First of all, your information is on your page. I only made it a little more accessible. Accourding to your legal notice, you will only disclose information if “they are really asking for it”. If you got your butt off the couch more often and did your research, you would find that he was injured in Iraq. Guess you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t really have a clue about. You talk about him being such a dumbass, but the truth is that you are probably some 500 lb. person who can’t get himself off the couch to try anything and have nothing better to do than talk about other people. If you had any sort of brain, you would realize that everyday we get into a car, we risk our life. I guess some people are just more willing to risk than others. So, you keep yourself on your couch and continue to spout crap about which you only have an opinion. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. There you go, you are an asshole with an opinion.

    Amanda, Buddy’s sister

  4. Had Darrell been killed in a car accident he would not have earned a slot so prominent on my blog. And climbing a huge tower is not just “risking more” than climbing into a car. And this is not my opinion. You will find that all normal people have this opinion, as does the insurance company that will refuse payment on any life insurance policy.

    Maybe if you tell the cops that had to investigate this incident for criminal wrongdoing that Buddy was just “risking more” they might drop any and all charges. Its worth a try, right?

  5. Pat,

    Maybe someday your precious little son will grow up and maybe become a dumbass. Let’s see how you react to some person not knowing him calling him a dumbass. Maybe that will be the way that he passes on. Then you can reflect back on all of your comments about a person that you never knew and you may even be able to show compassion for his family.
    I guess everything is just a matter of prospective. Continue to live your shallow life in which you want to point fingers at people for doing things that too many of us are afraid to try or to experience.
    Again, I don’t hate you. I am not even mad at you. I just wish that you could understand how your blog affects any and all who knew him. May God be looking out for you…


  6. Jesus Pat, you really are soulless. Your blog is horrible on its own but to say such things to this guy’s family is just terrible. I wonder what happened to you to make you this evil.

  7. Pat,

    This is another one of Darrell’s relatives. First of all, I am not religious, nor am I going to try to scare you with the karma you’ve created as the kind of person you are to post such hurtful things about someone you never met. However, I’d like to share with you what’s hurtful to me about this.

    First of all, when you search my beloved cousin’s death, this is the first site that comes up. It saddens me to think that someone may read this and possibly think that he was the person you have made him out to be.

    Second of all, it has always been very easy for me to hear stories like this and judge the person involved, given that I never had known someone to fall to their death so unexpectedly until Buddy (that was his nickname). Having that said, my perspective has changed, and the truth is if you weren’t there, and did not know the circumstances, of course it’s easy to judge. Let me let you in on what actually happened that night, as it was shared with me by one of Buddy’s jumpers that night at his memorial.

    Buddy had taken over 1,000 jumps in his lifetime. He was an expert. He had also done far more dangerous jumps than this one. Before every jump, he and his jumping friends would always sit down and weigh out every possible option that could have gone wrong. Allbeit, what happened to Buddy was one of them. One small miscalculation led to Buddy jumping incorrectly by merely a couple of feet, and evidently led to his death. Forget that it was illegal (I’m sure you’ve never done anything foolish), forget that B.A.S.E. jumping is a risky sport–it was what he loved to do, and he would not have wanted to leave this earth any other way.

    Buddy came from a long line of dare devils in our family. Our grandfather, also Darrell Dunafon, was a test pilot for the Navy (incidentally, they both died on the same day of the year–December 4th). Little Buddy was a vet from Baghdad, one of the ones who sat on the hood of the army car, without any armor, to protect his troupe. He had his hand shot off in Baghdad, was able to have it reattached, and then found his love for B.A.S.E. jumping after returning home and healing. Seeing as he had just come from war, knowing that should give you an idea of how-not-big-of-a-deal B.A.S.E. jumping would be. Of course, to people like you and me, we’re like… Of COURSE it’s dangerous! Why would anyone DO that?! But–Buddy came from the war. Far more frightening, life-threatening and risky, in my opinion.

    Some of us seek thrills, and some of us don’t. I am one that doesn’t. I’m a pianist and singer, and I don’t like heights or taking risks to that degree. Having that said, this is what Buddy loved to do. He would never hurt someone, or say something offensive to anyone–unless they deserved it. He was the only wonderful son to my amazing uncle (also named Darrell), a tremendous brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. You can look to your best friend to see an example of the kind of person Buddy was.

    Not in any way does his memory deserve the words that you have posted in this blog, for absolutely no reason (unless this affected you personally in some way that I’m unaware of). Buddy may not be here, but he lived a beautiful, happy life that was just cut too short by accident. I am proud to have been his cousin, to have sang at his funeral, and only wish I had the balls that he had. He truly lived life to the fullest.

    As for you, I deeply feel sorry for you in that, even after his family has implored you to reconsider your hurtful words, you should choose to keep this blog alive. Until you take a humane action and remove this blog, I will consider Buddy to be alive in memory every day, while you are the one who is dead.

    I will continue mourning for you until this disappears from the internet. Or, you can be a decent human being, and we’ll forgive you.

    Thank you.

  8. Gads, TL;DR

    Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m doing fabulous! Buddy was a reckless person who reaped the consequences of his actions. But thanks for visiting Belch.Com and commenting on a story that will only serve to raise the likelihood that my page continues to rank highest for your search query. Do me a favor and click on the ad, as that helps to keep this site active and profitable.

  9. Wow. I am in disbelief to read this. I won’t comment on what Darrell did, because he knew it was dangerous, illegal, and accepted the reality of the situation. Any tears shed by me were selfish tears because I no longer have the pleasure of having Darrell as a friend or a jump mate. I will say this for you Pat, your words are absolutely awful. What you are doing is shedding light to the world of what an ugly person you are on the inside, but I can only assume that your attitude and outlook has been caused by a feeling of being wronged in your life.

    Here are the facts, what Darrell did was illegal, reckless, stupid, and poorly planned at best. He made the one mistake he used to preach to me about not making when BASE jumping and that was not walking away from a sketchy jump. A lot of the things you mention have validity Pat regarding the facts, but your continued ridicule of Darrell after his grieving family and friends have come forward paints a picture of how internally unhappy you must be. To draw a sense of satisfaction from making fun of someone’s dead loved ones is just despicable, absolutely pathetic. I beg that anyone who reads the filth this man is spewing about our beloved friend that you do not feed in to the anger this man is trying to create. To this pathetic man our pain is his pleasure, it is his drug, and telling him how much his words hurt only encourages him to continue. His words are a representation of how empty he is on the inside, and all he has is a sick desire for attention which this joke of a blog provides the platform for.

    Pat, I want you to know that you are hurting a lot of people who don’t deserve further anguish… Darrell’s actions were selfish and caused quite a but if pain to the people surrounding him. The last thing his survivors need to see is some jackass wannabe journalists flawed attempts at dark humor, or acquisition of attention you obviously don’t receive in the real world. The most pathetic part about your post is the obvious sense of satisfaction you gain from hurting people who just don’t deserve it.

    What happened to cause you to become such a hurtful person? Who hurt you? Did your parents not love you enough? Cheating spouse? Picked on in high school and now you need to pick on the dead??? I don’t get it. What could fill someone with such a desire to hurt strangers? I googled Darrell today because I miss him still, and to see your words was just awful. I do not wish you any harm, but Darrell was loved by quite a few, and not the type of ppl you would want getting a hold of your information. I hope for your sake you have taken appropriate measures to prevent yourself from being easily located, but it seems to me that you are trying to repay karma for something that has already been done to you. I pity you pat. I hope someone shows you love and compassion like Darrell showed his friends. I pray that at the end of our days we are judged on our good deeds and not our bad or our mistakes. To error is human, to forgive is divine. I love and miss you Darrell Dunafon, and can promise that your memory will continue to live on in me.

    I guarantee you guys that Darrell would just laugh this sickos comments off as we all should. I won’t be revisiting your site pat so feel free to make fun of my free hanging, electricity conducting, dumbass friend. The only person here who looks like a fool is you Pat.

    Flame on sir.

  10. Darrell was loved by quite a few, and not the type of ppl you would want getting a hold of your information. I hope for your sake you have taken appropriate measures to prevent yourself from being easily located,

    Wow, is that a threat? Or are you admitting that Darrell’s family are a bunch of deranged criminals? Please clarify.

    And if Karma is a bitch, WTF did Darrell do to deserve his death-affirming stunt? Did the universe get together and just say “enough?”

  11. I simply could not read your horrible words until now. My son was all heart and soul. When he was 5 years old a friend from school gave him a dollar for his birthday. He would carry that dollar around and ask me “can I buy this” or “can I buy that.” I always said “it is your dollar and you can do with it whatever you want.” One day we were in the check out in the grocery store. There was a container for a little girl with cancer and they were collecting money for her. Buddy asked me what it was about. When I told him, he asked if he could put his “treasured dollar” in the container. I told him he could do whatever he wanted with his dollar. Of course, he dropped his dollar in the collection for the little girl.

    I have worked with children all my life. It is rare when a child of 4 or 5 cares more about others than himself. Buddy was that kind of child and became that kind of man. I know he struggled with what he saw when he was in Iraq. I thank God for every minute I had with Buddy.

    I am sorry no one every taught you about loving your fellow man. Sandy Dinan, Buddy’s mom

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