Suicidal Hoarders With OMFG Hungry Kitty

I saw this article linked from FARK that details a person living in filthy conditions as a hoarder. The EMS thought there was a dead body in the house, so they used an ax to chop into the home and when they found a smelly Chinese dude screaming at them from beneath a pile of trash, they hauled the garbage to the dump and the hoarder to a mental hospital. Which reminded me of the awful Hoarders episode that deals with crazy cat ladies and the disgusting suicidal gay kid. Click the image below to enjoy the fact that you are NOT these people.

From NYDailyNews here:

The awful stench coming from a Queens apartment on Monday was so bad that cops thought they would find a body inside.

But when firefighters busted down the the door, they found tenant Ming Li Sung was very much alive – and living with rotting garbage piled floor to ceiling.

“When they started trying to clear away some of the trash to get in, he popped up inside, yelling, ‘Get out! Get out!'” said Ray West, who lives across the hall.

The apartment looked like a landfill, with trash jammed top to bottom and pressing up against the flat’s front door and rear window.

A broken fan, an old watering can and scores of sodden plastic grocery bags stuffed with wet garbage could be seen among the detritus.

When an FDNY haz-mat team arrived to start excavating the garbage, an army of cockroaches poured out into the second-floor hallway, West said.

The police were throwing up,” West said.

Sung, 69, was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center for psychiatric evaluation, police said. He does not face any charges.

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