Worshipping the Earth Means You Get Jellies on Your Fingers

Eeeewww!  I have said it before, and I will say it again. Eco-worshipping whackjobs are self-loathing copromaniacs who are obsessed with their own bodily waste. I have documented previously how they want everyone to drink their own urine, and to restrict everyone to one piece of toilet paper, want to flush the toilet only once per week, and even reusing tampons.  They even want to ban flushing toilets altogether.   They even made a battery that requires you to pee into it to power it, getting urine all over your fingers.  These freaks think that two-ply toilet paper is more damaging to the environment than driving Hummers.  Now they insist that women stop using modern feminine hygeine products and use these rags instead.

From Etsy.Com here with thanks to Moonbattery:

So go ahead, Gush!
With the invent of disposable menstrual products we have come to associate menstruation with filth. Menstruation is a symbol and reminder of women’s ability to create life and should not be treated as trash. By washing your menstrual pads rather than throwing them away you are not only doing something good for the environment but you are honoring yourself, your body, and you are celebrating that you are a woman.

Of course moonbat chicks think that being crampy and shooting red jellied discharge from their vaginas should be a “celebration.” Strange. Chicks on their periods never act like they are celebrating. You never see them high-fiving each other or doing chest bumps to one another when they are straining tomatoes and screaming “Yes, I am woman! Let’s drink some white zinfadel and watch a romantic comedy! We are celebrating!”

Besides, aren’t modern feminine products made from cotton anyways? And paper? Aren’t these items biodegradeable? How would buying a reusable pad be “environmentally friendly?” It takes lots of water and detergent and bleach to get them clean. And electric heat to run the dryer.

Why can’t eco-religionists find something else to worry about other than their own bodily discharges?

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7 comments on “Worshipping the Earth Means You Get Jellies on Your Fingers
  1. I guess they could be upset about the plastic wrapping and little bits of plastic used on the other part of pads.

    …But dude. Not a fucking chance will the majority of women switch over to using these crackpot things. Not a chance.

  2. Its amazing to see how groups of people are attempting to undo hundreds of years of innovation based on what amounts to be religious viewpoint of “going green.”

  3. They’re absolutely out of their minds 9 times out of 10. I can’t wait to see the green version of tampons.

  4. Although i’m not some green extremist by any means (i’ll kill you if you don’t let me bathe at least once a day), This post is ignorant.

    First off, maxi pads do have a similar construction to disposable diapers and do have non-biodegradable materials as well. The cotton is in the center to absorb but it’s mostly a plastic shell.

    Second of all, changing to those might be more welcome than you think. Disposable pads ARE uncomfortable and don’t breathe well either so especially in the summer they get hot. Honestly those fucking things feel like wearing a diaper in similar ways, so I don’t see what’s supposedly so horrible about the alternative.

    I’ve considered pads like these not for the environmental factor but for the comfort factor. I’d rather sit on some cloth that feels like underwear than some sweaty plastic mesh. On top of that, it does save money in the long run even when washing is factored in. Who said you have to use a machine, bleach and a dryer? Tons of women hand wash delicate undies and hang them up so I’m sure some would elect to do that as well.

    You’re forgetting that not too long ago that women used cloth and rags for this purpose.

    Yeah yeah, I know this post is full of hippie contempt and that stuff but if you’re not a woman and never had to go through a period you definitely can’t talk for all of us. I’m sure some agree with you but I’m open minded and just see it as another OPTION, not an agenda. And by using one I sure as hell am not going to stop bathing or flushing the toilet.

    I’ve seen your commentary on other alternative feminine hygiene products as well and you mentioning it’s disgusting. Well guess what? It’s all gross to some extent. No matter what you use for hygiene products, they will be disgusting when they’re used. We’re not having a fucking picnic bleeding for days on end and guess what? Even with modern products you can still get blood on your hands and such. It happens.

    We’re not going to run around like little kids screaming “it’s disgusting! it’s disgusting!” That’s what washing your hands is for. Who are you to judge how we choose to deal with our menstruation? Why do you even care that much?

    Are you terrified of vaginas or something? It’s JUST BLOOD, chill out.

  5. Somehow I don’t get the feeling you’ve seen a disposable diaper up close. It is completely biodegradable today, as are feminine hygeine products. The only thing made from plastic on tampons or pads is the wrapper on some brands.

    Don’t like the way modern products are designed? Write a letter to the manufacturer as I’m sure they welcome feedback. If you want to wash out bloody rags like your are an 1850’s pioneer woman, that’s your business. But you will be a tiny minority of women who do that.

  6. Actually, cloth pads were pretty popular until the early 90s, when we found out how cheap foreign production is and started making all of our mass produced disposable ones in China. I agree with Natalie, chill out. What’s wrong with men these days?

  7. Erin, I think you need to cite your sources. How do you figure cloth pads were “pretty popular?” And judging by your anti-corporate bias in the words you use, along with the outright lie that all disposable feminine products are made in China, I’m going to guess you are one of these neo-feminists.

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