Exorcising the Black Gay Demons

Drudge had a link today to a video here showing a newscast that is covering the gay exorcism of a black teenager. Of course homosexuals are angry because they are losing a member of their own, and those glory holes aren’t going to staff themselves, right?

Awesome artwork by Dale Grimshaw, titled Exorcism

You can watch the video, which is hilarious as the black kid is writhing around acting like the gay devils are coming out of him. But note the outrage of the gay activists, who give the epic quotes in bold in the story below from Fox61 here:

A Connecticut church posted a controversial video on YouTube that raised questions about the treatment of children by a leader of a gay and lesbian teen mentoring group among others.

The video features church elders performing what looks like an exorcism, of what they refer to in the video as “homosexual demons.” At the same time a teen writhing on the ground as the adults around him implore so called “homosexual demons” to get out.

For 20 minutes it continues with the boy in a near seizure, even vomiting. By the looks of it, and the repeated references to his sexual orientation, it appears to be a gay exorcism.

Robin McHaelen runs a mentoring program for gay teens,True Colors, and says she knows of 5 other teens in Connecticut who’ve been subjected to “demon casting.”

She said, “What really freaked me out is the people who did that to that child wasn’t because they were trying to hurt him. They thought they were trying to help him, but I think it that they murdered his soul.”

Soul murdering??! Homosexuals are only outraged because it is Christians doing this. They never say anything about Scientologists who use Dianetics crap to cure homosexuality, nor do they protest Muslims who murder homosexuals by the truckload. But let a black minister try a little exorcism, and out come the rainbow pitchforks.

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