Perez Is Bullied Back

Notorious rump ranger and celebrity gossip bitch Perez Hilton learned the hard way what it is like to be bullied. After picking on Miss California for her free speech saying that marriage should be between men and women only, and bullying closeted gays into coming out, Perez finally tried to bully the wrong person. He called of the Black Eyed Peas a faggot. His band manager didn’t take kindly to that so he punched Perez in the face. Look at his tears. I hope it stung. LOL

From the AP here:

Police have charged the tour manager of the Black Eyed Peas with assault after he gave celebrity blogger Perez Hilton a black eye outside a Toronto nightclub.

Hilton said he got into an argument with band members Fergie and at the Cobra nightclub early Monday morning and was punched outside by Polo Molina, the band’s tour manager. They were at the club following a Sunday night video awards show.

Molina turned himself in and has been charged with assaulting Hilton.

Hilton, who is openly gay, said in interview with The Associated Press that he called a “faggot,” a gay slur, inside the club after the musician told the blogger not to write about his band on his Web site.

That’s what you get, stupid. Learn to respect other people.

4 comments on “Perez Is Bullied Back
  1. Go Perez! Stand up for the right for all of us to be equal and not be attacked pyshically for it or for speaking out against it!
    No-one ever deserves to be phsyically attacked for words, no matter what those words may be (or how true they may be). I hope you sue the arse of that tour manager.

  2. It’s about time someone put this punk in his place.
    He’s nothing but a venomous little twit that picked a fight with the wrong bunch and got punched for it.
    Yeah..go Perez! Go straight to hell ya whiny little biatch!
    Words can have consequences, even for a wanna be like Perez. All his gay friends have dumped him for his use of gay slurs and insults. How hypocritical can you get? Oh…and..he’s ugly.

  3. djb,
    You being a Brit and all may not understand that there are limits on free speech. In the US we have an exception to first amendment speech called “fighting words” and it simply means that if you mouth off and slander someone and they take exception to it and punch your teeth in, well, you had it coming. This having happened in Canada, I’m not too sure how it will be handled. If I was the tour manager, I wouldn’t bother showing up for a misdemeanor offense. Perez won’t be able to sue either because he used fighting words.

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