Latest Eco-Maniac Fad? Drink Your Pee!

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Eco-worshipping whackjobs are self-loathing copromaniacs who are obsessed with their own bodily waste. I have documented previously how they want to restrict everyone to one piece of toilet paper, want to flush the toilet only once per week, and even reusing tampons.  They even want to ban flushing toilets altogether.   They even made a battery that requires you to pee into it to power it, getting urine all over your fingers.  These freaks think that two-ply toilet paper is more damaging to the environment than driving Hummers.  Now these moonbats have invented a personal football-sized device they want you to use to drink your own pee-  over and over and over again.


The website for this is here.  Seriously, why are these eco-freaks so unimaginitive that they only think of body waste as the source of environmental contamination?  Is it because they are so guilt ridden for having been born?

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5 comments on “Latest Eco-Maniac Fad? Drink Your Pee!
  1. People will purchase and use these for the same reason some purchase a Prius.

    Prestige. Ya wanna know how much I conserve? You wann know how much I love the planet?
    Your Prius is nothing! Nothing I tell you! I recycle my urine!

    (I haven’t owned a car that got less than 43 on the highway since 89..)

    For one of those guys/gals that likes to do the lengthy sea voyage thing…makes sense. A few other reasonable applications for sure.
    But…. I can just see some Green Taliban type braggin’ about usin’ one of these regularly. This makes him or her better than you doncha know…

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