Annoying Witch Casts a Stalking Spell

Rusty Lee Freeman, also known as the Reverend Rapid Cabot Freeman, is a fat middleaged dork who likes to pretend he is a high priest of a fake religion and also likes to pretend to be an American Indian.  He hosts a train-wreck of a show on cable access.  Currently he is hurling charges of discrimination at the town of Sprague, Connecticut, because the town won’t let him use its public library to perform witch spells on Halloween.  It seems he lacks the brains, cash, and residency to be allowed a permit.

Here is Rusty, trying to phreak out the mundanes.  He practices magick with a “k” because that way there is more ph3ar!

As it turns out, all his bitching in public earned him a trip to the jail on charges that he stalked a woman he used to work with.  And its not his first stalking charge.  The guy collects restraining orders as if they were Harry Potter trading cards.  From TheDay.Com here:

The real name of the Witch of Baltic is Rusty. And as to his witch credentials, well, there is some question of that. But Rusty Lee Freeman, aka the Rev. Rapid Cabot Freeman, has been arrested for stalking a Norwich teacher.

Freeman was claiming he was a victim of religious discrimination in Sprague. The first selectman, he said, had thwarted his plans to perform a demonstration of witchcraft for kids and their parents in that town’s public library on Halloween.

But no sooner had the story appeared in The Day than Norwich police, who’d been seeking him on a warrant since July, arrested and charged him with second-degree harassment of Kelly Hajduk.

Hajduk said Wednesday that Freeman had pursued and harassed her, beginning in 2002, and had ignored a cease-and-desist order sent to him by her lawyer. Finally, on July 12, she went to the police.

Hajduk and Freeman became acquainted, Hajduk said, when each of them was doing a show on public access television. Her show was “Concert Connections”; his was “The Witching Hour.”  They became friends, she said, until he wanted to take it further. “The bottom line was he was just asked to leave me alone, and he didn’t,” she said.  In fact, she said, Freeman became hostile and threatening.

Freeman told police that he continued to call Hajduk because “I was trying to get her to testify in my divorce from my ex-wife, Alicia.” Alicia Lyon Folberth and Freeman were divorced in August, and Folberth has a restraining order against him. Folberth has written a 20-page letter, which she posted on the Internet, alleging that Freeman abused her, which he denies.

Freeman’s divorce, he said, was over his adherence to “the Cabot tradition” of witchcraft, propagated by the Witch of Salem, Laurie Cabot. ”I’m an honest guy that went through a bad divorce,” he said. “But the reason I divorced her in the first place is that she wanted me to renounce the Cabot tradition.”

The divorce led to his demotion from an honorary third-degree to a second-degree priest of witchcraft within the Cabot organization, he said.  ”I’ve been a victim of the American system forever,” Freeman said. “The only person that’s harassing anybody is my ex-wife is harassing me.”

Aww, the poor put-upon pagan.  It seems that the Rev. Rapid is the victim of a spelling and grammar hex according to his rambling posts on his myspace pages here and here.  He mentions, in all his creepy, run-on-sentence way, how he was into Kelly Hajduk:

now in the name of clearing the air forever and leaving behind my side of the my story there was a woman named kelly lu my little rock n’ roller that my heart loved more than both my wives but she was to blind to see what she had in the palm of her hand and i wish her joy as well and i hope that someday she understands how much i did love her and if she is reading this now i hope she understands that we came to an end of her own device and I will never be ashamed of the fact i loved her and even though it meant getting my heart broke twice by the same girl im glad i looked for her when i came home at least i got the answers i needed as a man to move on with my life .i hope one day she has the guts to admit to what we had. because love is never wrong.I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MY LITTLE ROCK N’ ROLLER!

Practitioners of Wicca are nothing more than 14 year old girls emotionally and spiritually, and are too poor and stupid to join a better cult or religion.  Seriously, Wicca is just Satanism with Downs Syndrome.  Blessed Be!

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35 comments on “Annoying Witch Casts a Stalking Spell
  1. I found this all interesting mostly about the Cabot Tradition. Who really cares? I will say that many of them feeling they need a title like H.P., REV. and EVEN CABOT as a middle name don’t really know SHIT. First of all the titles are earned and stand for something which these people can’t comprehend they are not worthy to attach such a title to their name.. they, too, are posers. REV. H.P. is long earned accomplishments and these people deserving of such titles are actually role models for others, I haven’t seen this in this particular tradition or anything to be proud of. Most are frauds, all out for the money, and make-up their own make believe religion or steal from other sources making false claim it is their own work. I am not impressed but I am not shocked by this ill behavior either.

    But again, remember their are far too many real witches and real people deserving much more and often are the one’s unheard of who remain in the shadows. SO for the most part those who feel they have to attach REV. CABOT, H.P. Claim they are all knowing and authors usually are the real posers or want-a-be’s and know nothing at all.. except how to con people out of their money.

  2. FYI Paganism is not a fake religion most of the Christian traditions are based on pagan practices. BTW I hope you enjoy your candle magic on you birthday, blessed be.

  3. Dr Jones, I’m very late to this post and I’m sorry about it. I’ve met Rapid and I thought he was nice. The only thing about him I disliked was the fact he quotes himself on Facebook. Over weight? Okay. Dorky? So… You should play nice, you’ll live longer. Nobody wants to have a stroke.

    Blessed be.

  4. I find it very disappointing that after I try researching this story, I stumble onto this page. At first I thought this page was a parody of some sort. I had to keep going over the comments, as I was in disbelief of what I was reading. I am shocked & horrified to see what y’all are saying to each other and how you are disrespecting each other. Don’t you have any shame or self respect? Y’all are trying to hurt and insult each other, but in turn are only hurting and embarrassing yourselves. How do any of you feel about your children coming across this page and seeing what you’ve said to another human that you probably really don’t know? Could you really stand there and expect your loved ones to take you seriously? What kind of example are you being too the generation under us? I’m sure I’ll get many insults & angry reactions, but that’s just fine. You’ll price my point.

  5. Translated: “I have nothing substantial to add to this, but wanted to show everyone I’m more deeply spiritual and moral than everyone else, and if you dare to say otherwise, I’ll hex your kids.”

  6. How did you translate that from what I said? I never once said I was more spiritual than anyone, nor hex anyone’s kids. I simply asked “What example are you setting for your children? “

  7. CYN, you’re pretty much the only person on here with anything to say that actually makes sense. These comments are those of teenagers.

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