May The Force Be With the Non-Smokers

The new animated Clone Wars movie opening this week is going to be rated PG, in part because cartoon people aren’t so much as hacking each others’ limbs off with beams of light, but because they smoke! Who knew they grew tobacco on the desert planet of Tatooine? Check out the MPAA rating box in the ad and also here on their website.

The ratings for PG are mostly based on things parents would find objectionable. A complete guide to this is here. Would “Prolonged Smoking” merit a “PG-13” or an “R” rating? Next they will be giving out PG ratings because characters on screen are depicted emitting carbon from fossil fuels. Thanks to Moonbattery for pointing this out.

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One comment on “May The Force Be With the Non-Smokers
  1. Unless there is a scene of a Hutt hitting a bong… then the smoldering wreckage of a starfighter must look just like a cigarette.


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