No Tomatoes for You! Next!

You can’t get any tomatoes anywhere, supposedly because a few of them made some people sick. Scientists and the FDA can’t figure out what caused this outbreak of Salmonella, just like they couldn’t figure out how E-coli got into the spinach in 2006. And check out the dour-faced labrat holding his bag of mushy ‘mators on the front page of Drudge Report. Ya see buddy? That’s why your ‘mators have the bad salmonella. You store them in a colostomy bag.

Now that an entire industry is in collapse according to Reuters here, and my cheeseburgers have to go without juicy tomatoes, we can finally get to the bottom of the problem.

Mark my words folks.  The cause of this outbreak will be ORGANIC FARMING methods.  Organic farmers like to grow substandard fruit and vegetables because, after thousands of years of tilling the earth and creating technology to get great crops, idiots like to pretend that all that technology was a bad thing. 

Organic farming was the cause of the E-coli outbreak with the spinach in 2006.

Organic farming uses “straight-up” poop as fertilizer with no other chemical added to kill the bad germs found in poop.  And when you couple this with illegal aliens who pick the crops and scratch their sweaty asses-  you get diseases that you normally find in cans of rotten potted meat.


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