Gay Marriage Advocate Caught Raping Little Boy

It has been claimed by some gay men, who acknowledge that male homosexuals have a problem with promiscuity- and sometimes seek sexual gratification in Men’s room stalls at parks and airports- that if the government just legalized gay marriage, they would not need be dirty disgusting perverts any longer. Well this arrest shoots down that theory.

Finley is on the left. The child raping creep who is about to be gay-divorced is on the right.

The guy in charge of pushing the gay marriage agenda on the public in Massachusetts, Carl Stanley McGee, raped a little boy in the sauna of a Florida resort. McGee is married to John Finley IV. No word on whether or not John is filing for gay divorce yet.

From the examiner here:

A top official in Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration is accused of sexually assaulting a boy in the steam room of a Florida resort and has been placed on unpaid leave.

Carl Stanley McGee, the assistant secretary for policy and planning, was arrested Dec. 28 after the assault at the Gasparilla Inn and Club in Boca Grande.

McGee, 38, met the boy, who is between 12 and 16 years old, in a bathroom at the resort a day earlier where they engaged in small talk. The boy ran into McGee again the next day in the resort’s steam room. McGee sat next to him, removed his towel, rubbed the boy’s back and shoulders and performed oral sex on him.

McGee was freed on $300,000 bond on Dec. 30 and is to be arraigned Monday on a charge of sexual assault on a victim over 12 using physical force.

And you wouldn’t know it by reading the article, but McGee is a Democrat. The press is really fond of going bananas when a Republican taps their foot in a men’s room or sends some nasty text messages. But if a democrat rapes a child, the press is really careful not to talk about the party affiliation.

And the New York Times went ga-ga over the marriage between McGee and Finley too. To read the article here, you would think it was some kind of romantic love story that ranks up there with Gone with the Wind, Romeo and Juliette, or Wuthering Heights, but with more anal penetration.

From the article:

WHEN informed of their son’s decision to take up with Carl Stanley McGee, a lawyer from Alabama, the family of John Huston Finley IV, a Bostonian, was dismayed, but not about the fact he was in a serious relationship with another man.

“My parents were far more upset that Stan was a Hilary Clinton-supporting Democrat than they were about us,” Mr. Finley said.

I wonder how the family will feel when their son is travelling to prison to participate in conjugal visits with a child rapist? Or will they be gay-divorced, if there is such a thing?

Thanks to Van Helsing at Moonbattery for the story.

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5 comments on “Gay Marriage Advocate Caught Raping Little Boy
  1. Why why why! I hate these dicks who have to screw it up (no pun intended) for everyone else out there who are just regular people who would like to acquire some rights. I don’t need or want to get married, but I’d like some sort of union so that lets say if my partner dies, I won’t have to pay to inherit what belongs to me already – but no, some stupid jackass always comes along to insure that gay people will remain freaks and pervs in the minds of the masses. There are millions of straight guys raping and committing all kinds of sex crimes on a daily basis, but it only takes one gay guy’s wretched crime to set an entire movement backwards and impede any progress that is ever made.

  2. Its also downright enraging that its the guy running the show for the whole state. Its not a slap in the face, its a dagger in the back.

    Jersey’s McGreevy was another of this guy’s breed, engaging in frequent anonymous sex at his own state’s rest stops.

    Until the gay leadership loudly denounces behavior like this and ostracizes those that can’t keep it in their pants, the journey to the acceptance of gay marriage will be a long one.

  3. Sorry, but it’s more than well apparent that gay “leadership” are the ones threatening lawsuits and no end of hizzy fits if this isn’t swept under the rug. The same gay “leadership” doesn’t give a damn about civil or human rights, they are corrupt and exploitative.

    Sorry, but the truth is that GLAAD and those like them are insane, presumption of power has gone to their heads and all they care about is having power over. A mad bunch of Caligula wannabes.

    This Carl S. McGee attempted to evade arrest by refusing to go with the arresting officer the first time. They had to pursue him. He feels entitled to do whatever he likes. From what little about this crime that has been reported, McGee seems to believe he can treat young boys in the US, the way he would in a place like Bangkok, and he should be able to get away with it. This time he didn’t because his victim’s father wasn’t some poor shlub.

    Someone needs to investigate McGee’s sphere of influence in Massachusetts and look into the fact that what happened in Florda might not be the first time McGee felt he could rape a child and get away with it.

  4. I think the significant factor in the Republicans hitting the news for this sort of behavior is not the fact they are Republicans, it’s because THEY ARE STATE AND U.S. CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS!!!

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