Mary Shieler Cybersexed Brian Barrett to Death

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Many visitors find this blog due to documentaries run on MSNBC and similar. This is an older story, but feel free to share your thoughts here. The remainder of the article is below as it was written in 2007

Mary Shieler of Oak Hill, West Virginia, is a married mother of two. She is in her forties, pudgy and by all definitions, a house frau.

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Mary used her daughter’s online identity to seduce two men online, both of whom worked at the same factory outside Buffalo New York. She turned the men against each other and one of them gunned the other down in cold blood.

Tom Montgomery killed Brian Barrett in a jealous rage over a stupid cyber love triangle.

Now one man is dead, the other is in jail for 20 years, leaving a broken and humiliated family behind, and Mary Shieler is a free woman.

Everyone in this sad tale helped to bring about this tragic end to Brian Barrett’s life at the age of 22. Mary posed as a hot 18 year old and used cybersex to seduce Tom Montgomery, 48, who was pretending to be a hot, disturbed Iraq War marine online. When Tom’s true identity was outed by his own wife, an angry Mary enlisted the help of Brian Barrett, Tom’s coworker, to use Mary’s passwords to her chat accounts to hound and humiliate Tom online. And when the rivalry grew intense, Tom shot and killed Brian.

From the SFGate here:

A 48-year-old man entangled in an Internet love triangle built largely on lies was sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in prison for killing his rival for the affection of a woman he had never met.

Thomas Montgomery, who posed as an 18-year-old Marine in online chats, pleaded guilty in August to gunning down Brian Barrett, 22, in a parking lot at the suburban Buffalo factory where they worked.

The motive was jealousy, investigators said. Both were involved online with a middle-aged West Virginia mother — who herself was posing as an 18-year-old student.

Prosecutor Frank Sedita argued for the maximum sentence of 25 years, describing Montgomery’s “almost predatory” pursuit of the woman and his resentment of Barrett when she cooled to Montgomery’s advances after 1 1/2 years and thousands of pages of Internet chats.

Montgomery began chatting with the woman, identified in court as Mary Shieler, in 2005. Occasionally, the woman would mail packages to his home. When one of the packages was intercepted by Montgomery’s wife, she wrote back, telling Shieler her husband’s true age and saying he was married.

Barrett, whom Montgomery had mentioned in his exchanges, was drawn into the triangle after Shieler contacted him online to confirm what she had been told by Montgomery’s wife.

This story makes it sound pretty cut and dry. To read all the sordid details, check out this Wired story. It is very detailed, including the bits that Mary didn’t want her real name used because she was supposedly an upstanding citizen. Her daughter, Jessi, was quoted in the paper several times during her school’s girls basketball championship run.

But Mary Shieler remains a free woman, which is somehow, grossly unfair. She committed aggravated identity theft to torment an unstable married man to the point that he murdered another man! How self absorbed and vacuous can a bitch be? She sounds just like the neighbors who drove a young girl to suicide by creating a fake profile on Myspace.

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  1. it seems the only honest 1 in the triangle is dead…..brian was honest about his age and intentions toward the real jessi as she was portrayed in the photos he was emailed.the poor bugger ends up dead because of the actions of two kiddy fiddlers that were intent on grooming young people for their own sexual gratification.sympathies to the barrett family and the innocent jessi.this is a perfect case study for the pro chemical carstration lobby………steve australia.

  2. I have just seen tallhotblond in england and i got to say that people think we are feeling sorry for that murderer but thats not the case , i think its the fact that this woman is not only walking the streets but she back on the computer , which is worring her son and i cant believe that she is still doing the same thing which has ,i believe caused the death of a young man. And what really pisses me off is da not only did she use her daughter pic to lure two men she used videos and sent them to loads more men that is foul ,vile and shocking what kind of mother does that really,she is evil .and for tom i think he will burn forever but i also hope he gets battered in jail !

  3. Wisdom in using internet is a must,and honesty,of course.
    I’m not on Tom’s side,but at least he still love and save his children away from his sexual fantasy crime.but the woman?and she’s still outside there,shame!sympathy to Barrets’

  4. This woman is a psychopath . So sorry for family. She can be committed. She is a sick individual . I’m in mental health field and this blows my mind. It is a movie script. I pray for Jessie. She can get beyond this with help . This is the saddest and craziest story ever! And Montgomery is a very sick man! Both need to be locked away for life. Some people can not be rehabilitated !

  5. It has always disturbed me that Mary Shieler’s own identity is never revealed anywhere, including in the above article. For some reason, she is always allowed to hide behind her now ex-husband’s name, Shieler. I feel that everybody should know that her own name is Mary DAILEY. When she is mentioned in any article, she should always be referred to as Mary Dailey Shieler.

  6. this is so sad and unnecessary. that woman is sick and pathetic. the internet is full of stalkers, liars, psychopaths…my advise is never believe anyone you meet on the internet. get proof. get a background check. skype live video chat to see who is behind the keyboard. if they wont do that…they are full of crap…words are easy to type…and many just want to live a fantasy pretend computer life because they are pathetic individuals in real life.

  7. Mary Shieler is not the main culprit here! Two men consumed with lust, searching for fantasy, sex and a distorted view of love on the internet. And salivating for red panties from a teen age girl. One actually shoots the other in a fit of jealousy. Who is the sicko? Are men excused from all moral responsibility AND real life actions? The bored housewife, regardless of poor judgement, is not responsible for the murder! Only intellectually lazy and brainwashed americans could cast such a populistic and cruel judgment.

  8. Marienka Pakaslahti, Even though Mary did not commit the murder, she still was having conversations with a man that was threatening murder on another individual. How come she did not contact the authorities when the man she was talking too was threatening the victims life? The cops should have been notified immediately and therefore, In my opinion she is just as responsible for his murder as the man who pulled the trigger. Not to mention putting the life of her daughter in danger. I am glad the murderer is doing time but I feel Mary should have to take some responsibility for what she has done.

  9. Just saw Talhotblond on Netflix. Seriously, real life is by far stranger than fiction. You just can’t make this stuff up! In all reality, those 2 wackjobs, Frumpy- Mary & Ticking-Timebomb-Tom are made for & deserve each other.
    They are both complete wastes, but Mary is lower than low. To use your own daughter as sexual bait is just sick. Glad to hear her husband left her. He seemed lie a nice, good-hearted person. Definitely too good for that swine.
    Hope karma kicks her in the face and wackes him good too.

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