Boy George’s Victim Escapes His Dungeon

Who knew that the washed-up tranny frontman of Culture Club was such a menace?  I had heard about him having to sweep the streets of New York City after he stupidly invited police into his apartment to see his magnificient mound of cocaine.  Now it seems that he let one of his prisoners escape from his London dungeon.

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He’ll tumble for ya, but only after he locks you into irons.

From Reuters here:

Police charged pop singer Boy George with false imprisonment on Tuesday after he allegedly chained a man to a wall at his London home.
“George O’Dowd … is charged with false imprisonment of a 28-year-old male … on April 28, 2007,” a police spokeswoman said.

Last year Boy George was ordered to sweep the streets of Manhattan by a American court after charges stemming from an incident when police responded to his call reporting a burglary and found cocaine in his apartment.

Notice the lack of rape or other sexual assault charges?  He wasn’t chained up for sex.  Judging by Fat Boy George’s weight, he was going to eat him.

And when did Boy George start looking like George “The Animal” Steele? 


And here is the Animal’s website.

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  1. You should cruise through his website. He is really close to being a full-time blogger. He posts photos of all of his vacations, pix of his 50th wedding anniversary, etc. He seems like a really cool dude. And I bet he has some amazing stories to tell.

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