Wendy Knowlton Cook is Worst Mother Ever

Its bad enough to be a crack whore. But when you start having sex for money with your kids in the back seat of the car and doing lines of coke off the tummy of your 8-week old infant, its time to eat a bullet.

From CBS6Albany here:

A 37-year-old prostitute from Saratoga Springs was arrested by Schenectady police Monday morning when cops found that the woman performed sexual acts and consumed drugs in front of her children.

After arresting her, detectives learned that Cook’s two children had been left with friends in a car nearby. Shortly thereafter, police found Cook’s five-year-old daughter and eight-week-old son in Cook’s car with two adults.

As detectives continued their investigation, they learned that Cook had been out all night smoking crack and snorting cocaine while in the company of her children. Cook performed oral sex on at least two johns early Monday morning while her children were awake with her in the car’s back seat.

Additionally, Cook snorted cocaine off her eight-week-old son’s stomach while breastfeeding him.

Her children are in custody of family members, police said.

What a heinous bitch. She is the daughter of Jack Knowlton, the owner of the racehorse Funny Cide. An old article on FunnyCide’s website mentions that in 2003, Wendy blew up balloons for a living. Now she just blows dudes. Maybe the Knowltons can use some of that racehorse cash to get treatment for their stupid daughter like they should have done long ago.

Video is here.

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2 comments on “Wendy Knowlton Cook is Worst Mother Ever
  1. You are a moron-whoever wrote the crude and judgemental comments about this woman and her family. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and could benfit from the sage and biblical imperative: “judge not lest ye be judged”, The Knowlton family is a loving and kind entity in the city of Saratoga Springs. I know them only peripherally, but I can attest to their graciousness, generosity, family values, and selflessness first-hand.
    Every human being and every family has struggles, trauma and pain -you are an idiot and fool not to know that what you say so callously and nonchalantly inflected against someone you do not even know is destructive, and naive.
    Shame on you! There but for the grace of God go I..

  2. Stellablue,
    How dare you quote scripture to me? Aren’t you judging me by calling me a fool and an idiot? Yet Wendy Cook was caught red handed by cops smoking crack and snorting cocaine in front of her children?? Somehow you don’t dare judge her but you judge me by writing about what was a factual arrest?

    No, not every family has struggles like this, and God thinks you are a jackass.

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