Melanie McGuire Guilty of Chopping Hubby

Melanie McGuire was found guilty for murdering her husband and stuffing his dismembered body in suitcases, which she threw into the Chesapeake Bay.  Instead of having the chance to run off with her boss to a happy life, she will run off to a prison to wear an orange jumpsuit.


From the AP here:

A jury convicted a nurse Monday of killing her husband, hacking up his body and stuffing the parts into three suitcases she tossed into Chesapeake Bay.
Melanie McGuire, who sobbed as she heard the verdict, was convicted of murder, desecration of a corpse, perjury and a weapons offense.

During the six-week trial, prosecutors said McGuire, 34, organized William McGuire’s 2004 murder using her expertise as a nurse so she could begin a new life with her lover, her boss at a fertility clinic.

The jury was told that two days before her husband was last seen alive, McGuire bought a gun and bullets that matched those found in her husband’s body.

The body parts of William McGuire, 39, a computer programmer, were found in matching Kenneth Cole luggage that washed ashore in May 2004 near Norfolk, Va., nearly 300 miles from the couple’s Woodbridge, N.J., apartment.

Prosecutors also highlighted Internet searches made from the couple’s apartment on topics such as “undetectable poisons” and “ways to kill people.”

Google searches will nab you every time.

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