Islamic Man Murders Daughter for Wearing Sexy Jeans

Not only is Islam extremely misogynistic, but here is a story about how a 20-year old girl did what most young girls do- smoke cigarettes and wear cute jeans.

Her Islamic father was outraged, so he went into the back of the home and dug a grave. Then, with the help of his son-in-law, his brother and another man, they slit the young girls throat with a kitchen knife and dumped her bloody body into the garden grave.

Did this happen in Saudi Arabia? Nope. Iran? Nope. It was in Italy.

They did it to preserve the family’s “honor.”

They did it because, according to the dead woman’s Mom, “She would not behave.”

Karol has the rest of this sad, enraging story at her blog here.

One comment on “Islamic Man Murders Daughter for Wearing Sexy Jeans
  1. Dr. Jones, this man must spend rest of his life in prison or get death penalty for murdering his daughter. Islam is mysoginist yet on another blog, you accused me of ‘multi-culturalism’ though I do not support Islam. I only supported a woman’s right to wear veil. I’m not Republican and I’m not Democrat. I didn’t vote in this election and I think both the Democrat and Republican parties are rubbish.

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