Chef Dies Gruesome Death- MI3 Boycott

As predicted on this blog, Matt Stone and and Trey Parker would not allow Chef to just go quietly into South Park Obscurity. He would have to die a very gruesome death. And he did die a horrible death in the season premiere of South Park Season 10. But only after he joined a secret society which engages in sex with children!

From the Washington Post here:

In the episode, pals Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are thrilled when Chef, who’d left South Park to join the Super Adventure Club, returns. But in school the next day, he says to them, “How about I meet you guys after work and we make love . . . come on children, you’re my sexual fantasy, let’s all make sweet love.” Those are the printable things, anyway.

Chef heads back over the bridge, only it’s struck by lightning and falls apart. Chef plunges down the ravine and is impaled on a large stick and attacked by a mountain lion, then a grizzly bear.

Back in South Park, the townsfolk hold a memorial service for Chef. Kyle tells the residents that although a lot of them don’t agree with the choices Chef made in the last few days, they should focus on how much he made them smile and — here’s the money quote — they should not be mad at Chef but instead at “the fruity little club for scrambling his brain.”

There is much furor about Comedy Central pulling the Scientology episode, which is due to Tom Cruise threatening to boycott all promotions dealing with his upcoming Paramount movie of Mission Impossible 3. You see, Comedy Central is owned by Viacom, which is a Paramount subsidiary.

I join in the call to boycott Mission Impossible 3. Don’t go see the movie. Don’t even buy the popcorn.


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