December 10, 2012

Japanese Prove Beer Staves Off Infections

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Good news for those beer drinkers- an ingredient in hops may stave off bacteria that causes pneumonia and other illnesses according to a study by Sapporo, a beer maker in Japan.

From the DC here:

Consuming large quantities of a key ingredient in beer can protect against winter sniffles and even some serious illnesses in small children, a Japanese brewery said citing a scientific study.

A chemical compound in hops, the plant brewers use to give beer its bitter taste, provides an effective guard against a virus that can cause severe forms of pneumonia and bronchitis in youngsters, Sapporo Breweries said Wednesday.

In research with scientists at Sapporo Medical University, the compound — humulone — was found to be effective in curbing the respiratory syncytial (RS) virus.

And I’m no doctor, but the women in this photo look VERY healthy to me.

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